Combating war and violence is important in order to promote inclusive and peaceful societies for sustainable development. Goal 16 aims to promote access to justice for all and the establishment of effective, accountable institutions that enable everyone to live in a peaceful society.

How can sport address this issue ?

Sport’s fundamental values, such as respect, diversity, fair play, non-discrimination and equality, are also the fundamental principles of peaceful and inclusive societies.

Through the organisation of friendly matches and major international events, sport is a powerful communication tool for spreading messages of solidarity, respect for human rights, reconciliation and peace.

Sport can help to rebuild societies emerging from conflict and to foster dialogue and social cohesion.

Specialist partner for SDG 16: Peace and Sport

Peace and Sport is a neutral Organization based in Monaco and created in 2007 by Joël Bouzou, Olympic medallist and Advisor to H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco. Didier Drogba, Champion for Peace, became Vice-President in 2019.

Peace and Sport actively contributes to the Sustainable Development Goal n° 16 by promoting the crucial role of sport in the building of peaceful and inclusive societies and the prevention of all forms of violence.

In collaboration with more than 50 sport bodies and leading International Organizations, Peace and Sport takes concrete action to prove the federating, educational and social impact of sport through various ways: mobilization and communication campaigns, sport diplomacy initiatives, Peace and Sport International Forums, field programs and the digital deployment of Peace and Sport Methodology, in connection with the Champions for Peace club.

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Project related to Goal 16

Great Lakes programme with Peace and Sport

Peace and Sport, with the involvement of National Olympic Committees, international sport federations, local authorities, and Champions for Peace, participates in the creation of a Culture of Peace by implementing its Methodology in extracurricular activities and youth centres.