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Impact funding structures are looking for a dual performance : economic and social. With the support of its network of partners, Sport en Commun helps them to identify the best projects that meet the target criteria and supports them in monitoring effective deployment and qualified impact measurement.
Donors, development agencies and banks, investment and seed funds, foundations, private companies, commercial banks, sponsors, elite athletes... See our services dedicated to funding structures to promote the deployment of projects combining sport and development in Africa.

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Identify projects to be funded


Sport en Commun ensures the listing of projects combining sport and development in Africa. The various filters proposed allow you to better target projects likely to correspond to your search criteria. Each project listed is presented in a summary sheet containing several key information (context, objectives, activities carried out, target impacts and key figures). 

When you register on your account, you are also invited to fill in your target preferences. This information enables us to better anticipate your expectations and to personalise the list of projects presented on the dashboard of your account.

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Create a tailor-made funding programme


Sport en Commun can design funding offers adapted to your investment strategy and / or CSR policy: management of calls for projects, annual program, integration of a sport component into an existing initiative, organisation of challenges / contests, etc.
With a “turnkey” approach, we are involved in the design, deployment, monitoring and communication phase of the funding programme with the support of our network of partners and local experts.

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Relay an existing funding solution


Through the Solutions section, Sport en Commun ensures the listing of the various support offers available (call for projects, permanent funding offer, technical assistance, crowfunding) for the benefit of project managers combining sport and development in Africa.

Our team will create a summary page for your funding offer so that project managers wishing to apply will have an overview of all key considerations.

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Consult and share resources within the Sport en Commun community


Sport en Commun regularly relays the latest news on “sport and development”. The platform also offers you access to reports and studies on this theme, as well as testimonials, videos and interactive methodological guides with the aim of inspiring through sharing and feedback.

You can also contribute to the promotion of new resources for the benefit of the Sport en Commun community by sharing those related to the actions you have undertaken.

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