Sport en Commun lists numerous support solutions that cover the entire life cycle of a project, including incubation, fundraising, implementation, change-in-scale support, HR training/capacity-building and impact assessment.


You are seeking support for a sport and development project


Browse available offers of support

To give you a better overview of the different support services that are available, the Sport en Commun (Sport in Common) platform lists a number of offers of support, which are accessible through our directory of solutions (calls for projects, competitions, ongoing services, etc.). Detailed descriptions of each solution are regularly updated by the Sport en Commun teams. 


Submit a request for support

Are you seeking support for your project? You can submit a request for support from your account by specifying the nature of the service you require, such as incubation, fundraising, change-in-scale support, HR training/capacity-building or impact assessment. The Sport en Commun teams will analyse your request and identify the most suitable service providers for your stated needs, taking into account the nature of the project and its geographical location. Our teams will then put you in touch with these providers.