The Sport en Commun platform is aimed at stakeholders in the sport
and development ecosystem who are involved in projects in Africa. As a fully digital interface for project managers, fund providers and service providers, the platform aims to amplify the impact of projects for young people and communities in Africa.

Overview of the platform’s


Project managers

These are stakeholders in the North and the South who are involved in a wide variety of projects that combine sport with education, health, nutrition, business, technology and sustainable cities, among others subjects. Project managers are the driving force behind the activities and partnerships being carried out for the benefit of local communities and may include the following:

  • Public sector agencies, such as national institutions, ministries of sport and local authorities
  • Civil society organisations (CSOs), including non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and foundations
  • Sports organisations, such as federations, clubs and sports institutions
  • Elite athletes involved directly or through their own foundations as project managers
  • Private sector entities, such as public-private partnerships (PPPs), corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes or product/service providers that can meet the implementation challenges of sport and development projects


Fund providers

Through a vast array of financial instruments (grants/donations, soft loans, conventional loans, quasi-equity or equity investments), fund providers contribute to the start-up and implementation of projects of different natures and scopes (micro, medium-sized and large projects and PPPs) and include the following:

  • Multilateral and national donors
  • Local, regional and international banks
  • Foundations and CSOs/NGOs that offer funding solutions
  • Elite athletes involved directly or through their own foundations to offer funding solutions
  • Investment funds and other financial institutions


Service providers

Working in close cooperation with project managers to support the implementation of their projects,
service providers help ensure the success of the activities carried out and the partnerships put in place
during the project’s life cycle. Service providers include:

  • Incubators and accelerators
  • Monitoring and impact assessment specialists
  • Research institutes
  • Training providers, such as schools and specialised institutions
  • Volunteer networks
Whether or not they are based in Africa, they all share a common purpose: to turn sport into a vehicle for sustainable development that benefits young people and communities in Africa.

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