This call for applications is addressed to experts active and present in Africa in a context where the limited number of local intermediaries represents a brake on the deployment of projects using sport as a key tool for economic and social impacts over the continent. This census of local experts is therefore aimed at professionals with expertise likely to contribute to the deployment of projects combining sport and development in Africa.

Renewed annually, this call for experts aims to:

  • Identify local actors, experts in their regions on sport and development issues;
  • Support project managers and fund providers in the evaluation, monitoring and study of social impact measurement;
  • Participate in research works ad drafting of studies;
  • Promote the deployment of projects over the African continent;
  • Foster interactions and networking between actors of the ecosystem;
  • Contribute to the promotion and enhancement of local expertise.


Key information:

  • Call for application opened to natural persons invited to complete the application form via the Apply button or by clicking here
  • Legal persons invited to register on the Sport en Commun platform as a service provider (by clicking here)
  • Eligible countries: Algeria, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Ghana and Senegal 
  • Selection method: application – interview – selection
  • Start date for applications: 25th March 2022
  • Closing date for applications: 15th April 2022


Target profiles of experts

  • Be an expert based in the country the selected country continent (permanently or regularly) 
  • Very good practice (compulsory) of spoken and written French and / or English, in addition ideally (optional) of a local language
  • Benefit from a solid track record in terms of structuring, monitoring and evaluation of projects
  • Hold a doctorate or minimum master’s degree level and / or justify a professional experience of at least 3 years within the related expertise (the number of years is considered a minimum requirement but this experience does not necessarily have to be accumulated. It can be cross-referenced)


Why becoming a Sport en Commun expert?

  • Networking: meeting and exchange with experts and structures at the local and international level
  • Mandate: possibility of being appointed as part of a one-off local mission for a fee
  • Capacity building: training in project monitoring and evaluation, impact measurement and the use of dedicated tools
  • Achievement: contribution to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Visibility: amplification of the work carried out through the Sport en Commun platform, its social networks and its partners


Targeted missions (non-exhaustive list)

  • Support in carrying out strategic and feasibility studies
  • Support in project monitoring, deployment and evaluation: coordination, reporting, evaluation, validation and consistency of information
  • Support in the preparation and structuring of business plan
  • Support in impact measurement for fund providers
  • Carrying out surveys and censuses in the field
  • Use of tools and methodologies deployed by Sport en Commun and its network of partners
  • Support in carrying out training sessions
  • Support in the production of audiovisual content for the promotion of projects
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