While studies linking the themes of women and sport are multiplying, particularly in Europe and North America, very few multidisciplinary studies have focused on the practice of sport by women and girls in Africa.

Faced with this gap, multidimensional research analysing the socio-cultural, economic and institutional obstacles to women’s and girls’ participation in sport and the specific difficulties they may encounter in doing so in different contexts appears to be indispensable. The participation of women and girls in projects, programmes and sectoral policies in the sport sector is also insufficient to make their voice fully heard and to take into account their specific needs and expectations.

Discover the results of the study on “Sport, Gender and Development in Africa” conducted by PwC on behalf of AFD. This survey, in partnership with IRIS and Women Sports Africa, aims to provide a good knowledge of the place of women in the sports sector in Africa (Kenya, Senegal, Morocco, Egypt and South Africa) but also to bring up existing good practices and initiatives.


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