Launched by Expertise France, the "Basketball Experience Program" aims to develop the use of sport as a vehicle for education and awareness-raising among young people, through socio-educational programmes combining the practice of basketball with the learning of life skills related to the themes of sustainable development.


“Basketball Experience Program” is an education through sport programme in Africa that is part of the “Sport and Development” partnership signed in june 2018 between AFD and NBA, the world’s leading basketball league. The programme will be deployed in 5 african countries: Morocco, Senegal, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa. This call for proposals concerns only Senegal.

The main objective is to create a dynamic in favour of the practice of sports within schools in the cities of intervention. It also aims to raise the interest of public authorities, communities and families and to make them aware of the benefits of regular sports practice on the health and personal development of young people, especially girls.

Within the framework of this programme, Expertise France is responsible for identifying and recruiting local partners in each country of intervention (NGOs and communication agencies). The agency carries out important coordination, planning and monitoring of local partners’ activities, in close collaboration with AFD (and its network in the field) and NBA.

The programme has 3 components:

  • Component 1: Development of community sports facilities
  • Component 2: Development of socio-educational youth development programmes
  • Component 3: Programme management and evaluation


Key informations   

  • Beneficiaries: Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)
  • Eligible countries: Senegal
  • Grant implementation period: 36 months (October 2021 – October 2024)
  • Type of solution: Funding – Support – Capacity building
  • Selection procedure: Application – Interview – Selection
  • Maximum grant amount: € 309,799
  • Deadline for submission of expressions of interest: 15/06/2021
  • Deadline for submission of applications: 30/08/2021


Eligibility criteria

The local NGO must meet the following selection criteria:

  • It must be an association in force in the country of intervention and have been in existence for more than 5 years;
  • The association has confirmed experience in Dakar and in other regions of Senegal (with a view to future installations);
  • The association has at least 3 years’ experience in managing education, awareness-raising and youth support programmes (development of social/life skills), particularly with children aged 8 to 18;
  • The association has proven experience in gender waste management education and/or is able to provide documents presenting its action methodology and/or social/life skills education modules;
  • The association has had to manage substantial funding;
  • The association has a strong knowledge of the local context (schools in particular) and its populations;
  • The association has a real capacity to work with institutional actors;
  • The association is used to working with local associations in order to guarantee the sustainability of the programme;
  • The implementation of the programme is in line with the association’s long-term strategy and activities.


For more information on this call for projects, please visit the Expertise France.

You can download the application form through this link.


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