Considerable progress has been made to reduce the level of poverty in the world. Nevertheless, inequalities persist and substantial disparities remain, particularly when it comes to gaining access to health and education. Many people face discrimination because of their gender, disability or ethnicity. Goal 10 seeks to ensure that everyone is able to achieve personal fulfilment and live a healthy, happy life.

How can sport address this issue ?

Sport is a powerful vehicle for social integration. It fosters social cohesion, which encourages communication and respect, promotes social interaction and brings participants and spectators together in a shared emotional experience.

Sport can promote equality, non-discrimination and diversity.

Sport can also facilitate the inclusion of persons with disabilities and vulnerable persons and the empowerment of women and girls.

In this way, the broadening of physical activities contributes to reducing inequalities while supporting the coordination of social measures. It is also the foundation for education and training, which are both factors for growth and employment.

Project related to Goal 10

Solidarité Aveugle : blind football for development

The “Solidarité Aveugle” (Blind Solidarity) programme is run in Mali by the association Libre Vue and places blind football at the heart of the personal development of isually impaired young people.