Ending hunger and malnutrition and ensuring access to safe, nutritious and sufficient food for all is essential. Enabling people to feed themselves properly gives them the means to be healthy and to prosper in society. This requires the implementation of sustainable and resilient agricultural production systems that provide sufficient income to local people while also imparting basic nutritional knowledge.

How can sport address this issue?

Nutrition plays a key role in sports performance and is an integral part of all sports training. Given its unifying power among African youth, sport provides an ideal platform for raising public awareness, from an early age, of the link between health, nutrition and sports, and the key principles of a healthy, balanced diet.

Sports events also frequently shine a spotlight on local areas, producers and products, thus offering many opportunities to promote local agricultural production.

Project related to Goal 02

Agou EcoTrail : running to combat malnutrition

The Agou EcoTrail project in Togo aims to raise awareness among local people about the benefits of running and the benefits of healthy nutrition.