Access to energy for all is an essential element of sustainable development and constitutes one of the greatest challenges the world currently faces. Goal 7 highlights the need for universal access to clean and renewable energy in order to create sustainable, inclusive communities and combat climate change.

How can sport address this issue ?

Sport and sports-based education programmes can support initiatives that aim to ensure access to clean energy and promote energy efficiency.

Sports facilities and events such as major international sports events can contribute to the achievement of the targets relating to renewable energy, energy efficiency, access to clean energy and tackling climate change.

Sustainable and inclusive sports infrastructure can promote organisational models that adopt the use of clean, sustainable energy.

Project related to Goal 07

AGORA programme for grassroots sport

The Agora programme for the promotion of the practice of grassroots sports aims to build local multipurpose sports complexes meeting specifications that comply with sustainable development standards, in particular the use of solar panels to make the complex self-sufficient in electrical energy.