In the light of rising unemployment around the world, finding ways to create decent jobs has become vital. However, having a job is not necessarily enough to lift people out of poverty. To achieve sustainable economic growth, societies must create conditions that provide for quality jobs with decent wage levels and ensure equal opportunities for women and men.

How can sport address this issue ?

Sport is a driving force for the economy. The global growth of the sports industry in conjunction with other sectors offers opportunities for economic development and the creation of local, decent jobs.

Sport increases an area’s attractiveness through the organisation of major sports events that promote sports tourism. If these activities adopt sustainable and inclusive measures, they can contribute to economic, social and environmental development.

Furthermore, sports-based approaches can be of particular value as they support the development of collective approaches and networks that boost entrepreneurship and foster entrepreneurial spirit.

Sports-based education programmes provide young people with skills that allow them to access the labour market and improve their employability.

Project related to Goal 08

Dakar Diamniadio Sports City: an innovative sports complex

Dakar Diamniadio Sports City (DDSC) is an innovative complex for professional and leisure sports. Built on an area of 6 hectares, the complex intends to contribute to Senegal's economic influence through its "Work, Live and Play" concept combining sports facilities, residences, restaurants and shops.