Climate change has become extreme as a result of human activity, and the poorest and most vulnerable populations are often the most directly affected. Goal 13 seeks to find sustainable solutions, such as renewable energies, sustainable infrastructures and clean technologies, to combat climate change. In order to be able to respond and make a significant impact, the mobilisation of public authorities, civil society and the private sector is urgently needed.

How can sport address this issue ?

Sport can encourage action to combat climate change through the organisation of major international sports events, particularly in host cities.

At sports events, awareness-raising campaigns can be undertaken to inform people about sustainable practices that minimise environmental impact and promote the adoption of responsible lifestyles.

Sport, and sports events in particular, can contribute to combating climate change by promoting sustainable urban mobility (or “eco-mobility”), sustainable tourism, the efficient and optimal use of natural resources, sustainable and resilient infrastructures and respect for the environment.