Sustainable consumption and production is a fundamental pillar of sustainable development through the efficient use of resources and energy. Goal 12 encourages us to think about our production methods, our consumption habits, the waste we generate, and the resulting environmental impacts, so that we can adopt more ecological practices.

How can sport address this issue?

Sport can promote responsible consumption and production through education and awareness-raising campaigns.

The sports market is experiencing strong economic growth and all its associated activity in terms of production must comply with environmental regulations and international labour law. If sports goods and equipment are produced using sustainable development practices, the sports sector can play a positive role in achieving the goal of sustainable production.

Sport’s popularity and influence also offer opportunities to promote and share core values such as respect for the environment, sustainable lifestyles and responsible consumption habits.

Project related to Goal 12

Great Lakes programme with Peace and Sport

Peace and Sport, with the involvement of National Olympic Committees, international sport federations, local authorities, and Champions for Peace, participates in the creation of a Culture of Peace by implementing its Methodology in extracurricular activities and youth centres.