The "Academies" call for projects aims to strengthen the technical and pedagogical capacities of academies in Africa with a view to developing projects in favour of the young people hosted and their communities.


Supported by the NGO PLAY International and the Diambars Institute, the “Supporting inclusive sports academies in Africa” programme aims to foster the emergence of viable and inclusive academies on the African continent. The programme benefits from the financial support of the French Development Agency (AFD).

Within the framework of this programme, the call for projects “Academies” aims to strengthen the role of emerging academies, in particular by co-constructing a structured methodology of accompaniment allowing them to analyse and develop their model on the economic level but also in terms of gender equality and education.

The initiatives submitted in the framework of this call for projects must use sport as a means of education and personal development for vulnerable groups.


Key information

  • Eligible area: Africa
  • Beneficiaries: Non-profit organisations
  • Theme: Social inclusion and capacity building through sport
  • Type of support: Maximum funding of €130,000 (grant) and capacity building workshop in Dakar
  • Selection procedure: Call for projects with a jury
  • Language of application: French and English
  • Deadline for applications: 20 April 2023 at 6.00 pm GMT


Eligibility criteria of the structures

  • Be a non-profit organisation (non-governmental organisations, associations, schools, sports organisations, groups, etc.) and with at least 2 years of legal existence
  • To have a secure physical location with sports and/or educational facilities (or even accommodation) or be able to demonstrate easy access to secure sports facilities nearby
  • Be strongly anchored in the local ecosystem (interaction with local sports federations, sports stakeholders, civil society organisations and/or local public authorities)
  • Have significant experience in the key themes of the programme (education; gender equality; inclusion, etc.)
  • Not be involved in (or conduct) religious proselytising activities
  • Have an annual budget of more than €80,000 (profit and loss accounts validated by the last General Assembly)
  • Be recognised by the authorities of one African country and has its own legal existence and accounting system. Organisations located in the zones classified as red by the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE) are not eligible to this call for projects.
  • Have sufficient human resources to implement a large-scale project
  • Be able to mobilise two people to participate actively to the entire program, including a bootcamp that will take place in Dakar, and to conduct activities following these training sessions
  • Carry out its activities in one of the countries of the African continent outside the red zones


Project eligibility criteria

  • The project must take place on the African continent (excluding red zones)
  • The project aims to promote education, social inclusion and capacity building through sport
  • The total duration of the project must be between 12 and 15 months, starting no earlier than 1 September 2023 and ending no later than 31 December 2024
  • Organisations must demonstrate their ability to ensure the sustainability of the project on the long term, in terms of human resources and sustainability of the business model (forecasted resources covering operating and maintenance costs on the medium term)
  • Projects should present future activities
  • The grant requested must not exceed €130,000 and represent a maximum of 75% of the eligible expenses of the projected budget


Application procedure


You meet the eligibility criteria and wish to apply for the call for projects? Consult the rules here


Documents to be included in the application file

  • Fight against corruption and money laundering form fully completed and signed (download here)
  • Proof of registration of the organization from the competent authority
  • Organisational chart (board of directors/office, executive management/technical team)
  • CV of the person in charge of accounting and financial management
  • Proof of implementation of similar projects (community activities in the field of sport and development, gender equality or education)
  • Annual financial statement certified or validated by the Board of Directors or an audit report from one of the last three years
  • CVs of the teams (including pedagogical and sports educators, if applicable) responsible for implementing the project in the field
  • Completed concept note and timeline using the template provided (download here)
  • Completed budget forecast using the template provided (download here)


Any additional clarification before submitting your application? Do not hesitate to send us your request to the following address:


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AFD/Play International/Diambars Institute
Deadline for submission
AFD/Play International/Diambars Institute
The French Development (AFD) is a public establishment at the heart of the French cooperation French cooperation system. It works to combat poverty and promote the development of countries in the South. Sport is currently a key component of its "Social Link" strategy.

PLAY International has been working for more than 20 years in the development of innovative projects using sport as a tool for positive social change through education and inclusion. The NGO benefits from a proven expertise in the field of sport for development by managing multi-year and multi-country projects, and by supporting education and sport practitioners.

The Diambars Institute is a pioneer in the creation and management of sport-education academies in Africa and benefits from both a proven expertise and an extended network of civil society, academic and corporate partners within the African continent, offering sustainable career opportunities for its young athletes.
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