Created in 2018, the FIFA Foundation is launching a call for projects through its Community Programme to fund initiatives using football to improve the lives of underprivileged young people. The submission of project proposals for the Community Programme is by invitation only. In order to be invited to apply, organisations must meet the eligibility criteria.


The FIFA Foundation Community Programme supports organisations that use football as a tool for social change and to improve the lives of underprivileged young people around the world. Once a year, the FIFA Foundation invites established non-profit entities to apply for funding in order to use football as a tool to address social issues that have a particular impact on young people, such as education, health, peace-building, inequalities, leadership and gender equality. All projects supported under the Community Programme therefore contribute to the achievement of Goal 3, Goal 4, Goal 5, Goal 10, Goal 11 and Goal 16 of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Key information

  • Geographical coverage: worldwide
  • Beneficiaries: NGOs and non-profit associations
  • Target segments: micro and medium-sized projects
  • Type of funding: grants
  • Community Programme budget: around $3.1m was invested in 93 projects in 2019
  • Selection method: two-stage call for projects (eligibility and selection)


Eligibility criteria

  • Must be a legal entity duly registered in the commercial register and have non-governmental status (NGO, charity, foundation, etc.) in the country where the activities are being implemented
  • Must be a politically and religiously independent not-for-profit organisation
  • Must use football to address social issues and provide development opportunities for the most vulnerable people
  • Must be responsible for implementing regular and ongoing programmes. Key programmes must have been running for at least one year
  • Must not discriminate in any way, including on the grounds of social status, ethnicity, religion, financial status or gender
  • Must not be involved in talent development, whether as part of the activities or the selection of participants
  • Must have transparent practices in place with regard to accounting, administration and governance
  • Must be financially sustainable and have a long-term approach
  • Must have a child protection policy in place


Examples of projects supported

  • In 2019, the call for projects provided support for 93 organisations (36 of them in Africa) from a total budget of $3.1m (Access to the list of laureates)


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