This training is a free MOOC accessible to all, that is a collaboration between sportanddev, the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Australian Government. It aims to help individuals and organisations exploit the potential of sport in their work for sustainable development and to address limited learning opportunities as how to maximize the positive impact of sport.


Designed to meet the needs of a large variety of learners: government officials, international and sport organisations, public policy experts, the private sector and civil society organizations, the MOOC allows learners to explore aspects of program design and implementation, and to understand how to measure the impact of policies and programs. The course also explores key concepts related to sport and gender equality, disability, human rights, social inclusion, peace building and child protection.

Through experts’ contributions from around the world, this MOOC shares experiences, good practices and key advices from policy makers and practitioners, to help learners explore different approaches of sport and development theme other than those delivered daily by sport-based programmes.

Key informations :

  • Eligible countries and/or geographic areas: World
  • Beneficiaries: government officials, intergovernmental officers, sport organisations, public policy experts, private sector professionals, and civil society
  • Type of solution: Online training
  • Training period: 6 weeks – 4 hours of study per week
  • Training Formats: Free (access to training for six weeks), Upgrade (access to the training as long as It Is available on FutureLearn and certificate of achievement), Unlimited (Access to this training and hundred of other FutureLearn courses for one year; certificate of achievement; ability to retain access to any course for which you have obtained a digital certificate of achievement)
  • Starting Date: Available now


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credit photo : Aaron Kearney – Australian Broadcasting Corporation International Development (ABCID)
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