FIFA, the French Development Agency (AFD) and the NGO Plan International France are joining forces to launch the Championnes programme in Togo, Guinea and Benin. The goal? To empower girls and promote gender equality through football.

To empower women and girls and fight against the discriminatory practices and attitudes that they face, FIFA and the AFD are financing the Championnes programme, which is being run by the NGO Plan International France.

Its objective is to promote leadership among girls and promote gender equality through football in a safe environment, namely at school.

The various projects under the Championnes programme are being developed in Benin, Togo and Guinea. The expected outcomes include capacity-building and bolstering confidence in 5,390 girls by giving them the chance to work together towards a common goal. The girls and women, aged between 12 and 24, will be given the opportunity to play football in refurbished facilities that are properly equipped, enabling both genders to share the space harmoniously. Leaders from 180 community organisations will also receive support as part of the programme.

On 23 March, Plan International France, together with Plan International Benin, Guinea and Togo, will bring together all the local stakeholders to officially launch the programme. The Guinean, Togolese and Beninese football associations will be invited to participate, enabling them to share experiences and skills and create synergies with existing activities.

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