Sport plays a fundamental role in the socio-economic development of any society. Yet, gender inequalities and discrimination remain a general reality, in the sports sector as elsewhere, thus making safe, inclusive and gender-sensitive sports programs even more essential for sustainable development.

This was the thinking behind a training session on “Sports for Development” (S4D) and gender equality, organized by Sport Impact in collaboration with GIZ’s “Sport for Development in Africa” project, mandated by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development.

This training took place in Kaolack from 13 to 17 March 2023 and brought together more than 20 participants, including coaches and administrators of Sport Impact Leaders (Aby Gaye, Fatou Diouck, Hortance Diedhiou) and other partner organisations engaged in promoting gender equality in and through sports in Senegal.

The workshop was a moment of peer learning, sharing of experiences and reflection based on group work and practical exercises. Facilitated by the S4DA team and instructors Kaï Tomety (Togo) and Eveline Diatta (Senegal), the training was an opportunity for participants to deepen their knowledge and exchange on how sports can contribute to more equal and inclusive societies.

Participants were also able to address issues related to menstrual hygiene thanks to the intervention of the social enterprise Api Afrique, partner of the S4DA project, which offers innovative local and environmentally friendly solutions to support the menstrual hygiene of girls and women in Senegal.

«Sport is an effective way to mobilize both men and women, challenge discriminatory norms and strengthen the participation and role of girls and women. It has been a great pleasure to work with this dynamic group of coaches who are committed to promoting gender equality in and through sport. They are all positive role models for sportswomen in Senegal and beyond» – Catherine Daraspe, regional coordinator of the Sport for Development in Africa (S4DA) project of GIZ.

The participants of the workshop all expressed their enthusiasm and gratitude for the opportunity offered to them.

« This training deepened my knowledge on subjects such as the roles and responsibilities of a coach, and gender concepts that I did not know. But above all it allowed me to acquire a new method for my workouts with the S4D approach»Ousmane Diallo, Terang’Aby (Aby Gaye)

«I learned through this training that it is possible to spread messages through sport through exercises without distorting the concept of sport»Sokhna Gueye, Demoiselle de Keur Sénégalaises de Demain (Fatou Diouck)

« The training workshop was very informative, dealing with matters related to sport for development, gender and menstrual hygiene. All the topics discussed were treated with clarity and a lot of pedagogy, several practical sessions were also put in practice, allowing a better understanding and facilitating deployment in our structures »Walimata Seye, Hope And Sport Academy

A follow-up training session is scheduled for October 2023.