As part of the Finance in Common Summit organized by AFD, the african platform Sport en Commun, which has been online since 21 September, will be officially inaugurated in the presence of development and sport stakeholders.

This unprecedented summit will bring together for the first time Public Development banks mobilised to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

A special session on “sport and development” will bring together a panel of speakers from the sports ecosystem, including our Senior Advisor Amadou Gallo Fall, to discuss the issue of mobilising development finance for sustainable sport.

“Today, on the occasion of the Finance in Common Summit which brings together all Public Development banks for the first time, the very concrete kick-off of this “sport and development” ambition is given with the launch of the “Sport en Commun” digital platform created by AFD. Tomorrow, project managers for development projects through sport in Africa will be able to meet development fund providers and together contribute to achieving Sustainable Development Goals”, said Rémy Rioux (AFD).

The Sport en Commun platform offers fund providers the possibility of funding a large portfolio of pre-qualified projects filtered by theme, geographical location or target SDG. The platform enables to put fund providers in direct contact with project managers via a dedicated interface. Sport en Commun also aims to help project managers in different key phases of their project by connecting them with public and private institutions, sports organisations or civil society.